What is Mediation?

Mediation is a process to enable you to resolve a conflict or dispute without having to go to court.  It is often referred to as an alternative dispute resolution process because it is an alternative to the court.  The mediator who works with you in the process is a trained facilitator working with both sides in a neutral and impartial manner to help resolve the dispute.  Sometimes, depending on the nature of the dispute, mediators work in pairs(co-mediation) and sometimes on their own.

Where do you mediate?

The mediator/s provide a safe, neutral place for both sides to come together and resolve their issues.    Confidentiality is assured and nothing will be carried out of the mediation process except by agreement.

How long will it take?

That varies depending on the nature of the conflict and the complexity of the issues.  Generally  5/6 meetings is a useful guideline for family disputes.Commercial ,Workplace, Community and Neighbourhood mediation will generally take one or two days to resolve.In general, mediation can resolve disputes in a very short space of time.

How much will it cost?

Family Mediation is billing out approximately at €100 per hour per person at present.  Community and Neighbourhood mediation& Work Place and Financial varies depending on circumstances – but No matter what the dispute mediation is far less expensive than litigation (going to court).

Does it work?

Mediation has an excellent track record of success.  Mediated agreements tend to work better and hold firmer because people have resolved their own issues with the help of the mediator but have remained in full control of their own outcomes. Mediation allows the parties to deal  directly with one another and so communication between the various sides has been preserved and in some cases improved.  This is usually desirable.  Neighbours usually continue to reside close to one another, employees and employers have to co-exist in the workplace and families usually have to co-parent or live in the same community to take but a few examples.   If you need to preserve a relationship for whatever reason with the person with whom you are having an issue, the last thing you will want to do is go to court.

Will a mediated agreement be legally binding?

When you have concluded the process, your mediator/s will do up a Heads of Agreement for you which will then be drafted by lawyers into a formal legally binding agreement.  The lawyers will bill out separately for this service.

What actually happens at mediation?

Depending on the nature of the dispute the manner in which the process is conducted may vary but all mediations have the following ingredients:

1. The mediator/s begin by welcoming the parties and introducing themselves.  The mediator then outlines the process and the role of the mediator.  The mediator explains the ground rules of the process.

2. The mediator asks each party to say what the problem or issue is from their perspective.  This is sometimes referred to as story telling or making a statement.  Both parties will be given equal time to say what happened without being interrupted.  The mediator may ask clarifying questions so as to ensure greater understanding  and to clarify issues.

3.  The mediator will assist the parties to gather information that will assist in progressing understanding of the issues.

4. Problems will be identified and may be written up to assist focus and direction.

5. Bargaining and generating options.  This is often referred to as brainstorming and is mostly done with the assistance of a flip chart.  All options are considered.

6.  Options are reality tested and included or discounted and bargaining or negotiation begins.  The mediator facilitates the negotiation but does not negotiate.  At all times the mediator is impartial and neutral.

7. Reaching an Agreement and Recording same.

Is there anything I should watch out for when choosing mediation?

Yes it is important to make sure that your mediator is properly trained and qualified.  Check to make sure that he or she is an accredited member of the Mediators Institute of Ireland (MII).

Who are we?

We are all trained and experienced mediators who are accredited members of the MII.  We come from different professional and cultural backgrounds and bring a very broad range of experience to our work.    We have trained mediators who can work in family disputes, financial disputes, commercial mediation, employment, neighbourhood and community mediation. We can also provide facilitators in conflict facilitation to include open forum, open space technology and world cafe.  In addition where required we can provide a conflict coach.

What can we offer?

Wide experience and understanding, efficient handling of your issues, speedy and cost efficient resolutions.