Anne O’Neill is a dedicated family law specialist and the Principal Solicitor of our practice.  She has over 20 years experience working in the areas of annulment of marriage (nullity), divorce, separation, relationship difficulties and breakdown to include civil partnership issues and cohabitation agreements, prenuptial reconciliation and post nuptial agreements, domestic violence and abuse, guardianship, custody and access matters, spousal and child financial support and related matters.  Anne also works closely with people adopting both International and domestic or Irish adoption to assist them through the system but also to specifically deal with the many legal difficulties that can occur.

When Anne set up her own firm, having previously worked as a specialist with Alan Shatter in Dublin and subsequently, as an associate and partner with PJO’Driscolls in Bandon, Co. Cork, she wanted to offer not just a professional service but one whose main emphasis was on care and compassion.  To assist her in delivering on this commitment, Anne is able to offer her clients mediation, collaboration and negotiation at a highly experienced level as well as the enormously broad range of litigation work she has undertaken in all parts of Ireland over the years.