Lauren is one of the most recent additions to Anne O’ Neill Solicitors. She commenced working with us a legal intern in her final year of her law degree which she graduated from in October 2018. She quickly showed an aptitude for resolving legal queries and interacting with clients. Lauren was recently promoted to Legal Executive on her return from working with legal organisations in Canada in 2019.Lauren has comprehensive experience of working in Solicitors offices and has exposure to several types of operating systems and methods of practice from her time spent in Canada and from working with Anne O’Neill Solicitors. She engages predominately in litigation practice and procedure. She ensures compliance with Law Society Obligations, assimilation of initial client information and arranging consultations. Lauren works closely with all members of our firm.

 Lauren will soon be undertaking her FE1s exams and a Master’s in Child and Family Law and hopes to qualify as a solicitor in the future.