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Anne O’Neill Solicitors

COVID-19 Virus Announcement 

We are from now and for the duration of the current health crisis going to

communicate with you by: 

Email, Phone and Skype

in nearly all circumstances unless personal contact is necessary. These measures are intended to reduce interpersonal contact while at the same time avoid any business disruption that might arise. It is our intention to continue to provide you with legal services.  We ask that you please adopt the same approach as we are in your communication with this office ie please email, call, or set up Skype consultation with us

We are determined to provide the best possible service to all our clients at this difficult time.

Anne O'Neill Solicitors Will & Probate

We would like to contribute in any way we can to assuage the potential fears that some of you may have.  We are, therefore, offering to attend to people’s Last Will and Testament free of charge.  This offer is currently available to the end of April.  We recommend all of our clients no matter their age and economic circumstances to make a Will and to update it at regular intervals.  Having a will reduces ambiguity about who might inherit your assets


 We propose taking instructions via telephone, email or skype in co-operation with, and in adherence to , the advices of the authorities due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Once the Will is completed, we can meet with you, or arrange alternative possibilities, for the execution of the Will.

Anne O'Neill Solicitors Employment Law

Anne O’Neill Solicitors are aware that this is a precarious time for both employers and employees. Many do not know how to proceed or are faced with frightening challenges. This firm would like to support people in this time of need and are offering to speak with people about their employment concerns for free. This offer is available until the end of April 2020 and we will consider extending it, should the current health crisis continue. In recent times, there have been many changes made in employment law, and here in this firm, we can help relieve any stress regarding your employment status and rights.

We propose taking instructions via telephone, email or Skype in co-operation with, and in adherence to, the advices of the authorities due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

Anne O'Neill Solicitors -Family Law

Our law practice will continue during the COVID 19 crisis.  We have put in place measures to ensure that we will be able to service our existing family law clients on an ongoing basis and deal with any new queries that might arise.  We are not dependent on having open doors to provide a full service.  Much of our practice already takes place online, on the telephone, by email and correspondence all of which we can continue.  Should we need to meet with clients, we can skype.  We can also set up conference calls should that be useful or necessary to have talks between the parties to a family law matter leading hopefully to settlement.  At this time short items which are on agreement can be ruled on consent by email and I have no doubt that as this current situation continues there will be more provisions made enabling work to progress.  I will keep my website and blog posted on this.   Right now, this office is open but should we have to close because of lockdown provisions, all of us are equipped to work remotely

We propose taking instructions via telephone, email or skype in co-operation with, and in adherence to, the advices of the authorities due to the outbreak of COVID-19

Stay well and safe.

Anne O’Neill Solicitors was established by its Principal Anne O’Neill. We aim to provide a friendly and compassionate service tailored to your individual needs. We are dedicated to helping our clients minimize, where possible, the legal and emotional costs of a prolonged argument. We focus on reaching solutions that work for you and your family by identifying what is important to you. We offer a wide range of services to compliment our core family law practice to include property transactions, wills and probate, employment law and civil litigation. Our services extend not only to the traditional areas of legal practice but also to the processing of innovative Court proceedings. signature

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