Sometimes people need to resolve their situation quickly either because there is some urgency, because it is a net issue or because there are complicated legal issues. Lawyer Assisted Mediation offers a useful tool to you, the client, in this situation.  This mediation method enables you to attend with your lawyer and any other person who is advising you such as, for example, your accountant, and for the other side to do likewise.  Both teams attend a location agreed with everyone and essentially both sides occupy separate rooms with your team and the mediator shuttles between the two groups until agreement is reached.  Generally this is done over a period of a day or two days and the agreement is drafted there and then and signed.  I can offer this service to you as either a lawyer mediator employed to broker the deal between you and the other side or as a lawyer to advise you as part of your team.  It is important that your lawyer is someone who has a full understanding of the nuances of mediation and will ensure that you get the best from the process.