This is a specialist area even within family law terms. The advent of overseas adoption has given rise to a whole new range of issues for those engaged in the process of adoption.

People going through the adoption process are extremely vulnerable. There is quite often a great deal of pain in their lives as a result of not being able to conceive a child of their own and this can lead to a great emotional investment in the adoption process.

For such people a bad experience during the assessment to be allowed to adopt can be devastating. As a family law specialist with experience at all levels of this process I would urge people thinking about adoption to take legal advice in advance as well as at all stages during the process. Timely advice may save you a lot of time, money and stress.

It should also be noted that single people are also entitled to adopt but will frequently encounter resistance going through the assessment process. Again, timely advice may save money and stress.

I have experience at all levels in advising and acting for couples wishing to adopt abroad. I have recently successfully handled very difficult cases before the Adoption Board on behalf of couples not recommended for adoption.

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